Keeping your business running in the current environment. A couple of things to consider

Keeping your business running in the current environment. A couple of things to consider

COVID-19 is top of everyone's mind when considering what will impact your business. Working from home is one possibility to stop the spread of the virus through your business. What do you need to think about to enable home working? What about those that will have to consider childcare? This article provides some items to at least consider.

So many questions to consider. But that is what Business Continuity Management is all about - considering all scenarios that might impact your business and planning for them.
Here are but two around the COVID-19 virus:

  • Who could work from home?
  • Can they work from home?

When looking at these, here are some things to consider:

Who could work from home?
What tasks can they do at home? Can they do some tasks for those who are in the office? Can the tasks they can’t do at home be reassigned to those in the office?

Can they work from home?

Technology: what technology is available for their use (laptop, internet access etc)? Take into consideration cyber security; data protection; paying for the technology they normally use just for personal use. If you have staff who have never worked from home before, ensure that each of them tries it.

Childcare. Who has children under the age of 16? If – or even when - the schools in your area close and other childcare is not available, the parent would have to be at home. But looking after children might not make doing any work possible. Especially if the child(ren) are primary school age. The same will apply for those with pre-school age children should childcare not be available.
Do they, your employee, have a partner who also works? Can they split the childcare so that they can achieve 50% of their respective work tasks? Now’s the time to at least consider having that conversation.

By no means - by any stretch of the imagination - an exhaustive list but hopefully it helps with your planning for what might happen over the next weeks and months.

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