Why GDPR is good news for HR !

Why GDPR is good news for HR !

Five reasons why GDPR is good for HR.

Article by Tracy Madgwick of Crafnant Consulting - HR Solutions for your business, and Conformitas Associate.

Tracy will be leading the Conformitas GDPR workshop being run specifically for HR managers, on Friday 16th March in offices near Swindon. 

I’m guessing that there are quite a few HR professionals who are feeling the pressure to make sure their businesses meet the requirements of the new GDPR requirements at least from an employer/employee point of view.

I’m also guessing that for a number of hard-pressed and harried HR managers its yet another job on the never ending list entitled “things we really must get around to sorting out or else it will come back and bite us!”

I’d like to suggest some reasons why GDPR is actually good for HR departments and why we shouldn’t see it as yet another job on the list.

1.   It reinforces that we deal with highly sensitive and personal information about our staff. 

We can be guilty of treating highly confidential information about the entire organisation as routine, because we deal with it so much that we forget how sensitive it actually is

2.   It makes us re-look at our working practices.

I’ve worked in a lot of HR departments and those who use paper based files often keep the key to the personnel filing cabinets in the pen pot on the administrators desk. We are more worried about the cabinets being locked and not being able to access the personal file we need because the person who has the key is off sick, than we are about keeping the information away from people who shouldn’t have access. # GDPR will certainly make us think and hopefully improve this.

3.   We just love our “bottom drawers”!

The folders and documents about old disciplinaries/dismissals/grievances that we just can’t bring ourselves to throw away even though we haven’t looked at them for the past 18 months and the person has left the organisation. #GDPR will really make us look at what we keep and why. The excuse “well you never know we might need it” doesn’t wash under GDPR.

4.   Our inboxes will be smaller – see above.

We won’t be keeping shed loads of emails relating to all the disciplinaries we have dealt with over the years. As a result our IT departments will love us.

5.   We will need to look at documents such as application forms, starter forms, privacy statements etc that we haven’t looked at in years.

When we review these documents in light of GDPR, we will probably look at them properly for the first time in ages and see areas where we can make improvements/streamline processes – that can only be good for HR and our organisations.

This is just a short list of the ways I think GDPR is good for HR.

I’d be really interested to know what other benefits you can think of.


Tracy Madgwick

Craftnant Consulting - HR solutions for your business

Conformitas Consulting Associate



Tracy will be leading the Conformitas GDPR workshop being run specifically for HR managers, on Friday 16th March in offices near Swindon. You can book tickets here

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